Monday, February 9, 2009

Chicory Root Extract...Healthy?

So I know that I'm supposed to be eating clean, but I have fallen in love with the Fiber One Bars. They taste fantastic and have 35% of your daily fiber requirements. While the ingreadient list is a lot longer than I would like I thought the trade-off for the fiber was worth it. That was until I started reading the ingredient list. One of the first few was Chicory Root Extract, I mean that sounds fairly healthy, so like I'm sure every curious mind does, I got on wikipedia and did a little research.

Chicory Root Extract is composed mainly of Inulin. Which is considered a soluble fiber and thus makes up the bulk of the fiber you are getting in the bars. Inulin is the next big food additive because it is slightly sweet and comes with a third of the calories from a normal sugar or carbs. Also Inulin is supposed to aid in digestive bacteria. So still sounds pretty decent to me. Then I keep reading and find out the inulin can cause digestive problems, so now it doesn't sound quite so wonderful.

I'm not sure what to think. I love Fiber One Bars, but I think anytime you take something and refine it down from the whole food, like high-fructose corn syrup, it never seems to turn out right. So help me out, let me know what you think about Chicory Root Extract.


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