Monday, February 9, 2009

RunEat...and Hopefully Grow?

Hello! I'm really excited to begin this journey of I don't know health...weight loss...introspection? Who knows what it will become but the best part is getting there, right?

I haven't really started a blog before, because I didn't know what I would write about but now I figure this is a good way not only to chronicle my progress, but also to hopefully get input from others and keep myself accountable for my actions.

I'm getting married in a little over eight months and although I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off planning a wedding I think now is a great time to makeover certain parts of my life so that I hopefully can enter into my marriage really knowing who I am and what I am capable of. So I've decided to work on three aspects of my life, running or exercising and just generally trying to live and active lifestyle; eating which is a shift towards trying not just to eat healthier but to eat cleaner, and growth. Now growth is the more elusive aspect. I'm not sure yet how I will grow. Hopefully not more vain as I get hotter from all this working out and cleaning eating, but I just really want to find something that makes me happy and I have a passion for. Who knows I guess we will make-up growth as we go along.

Well thanks for being here and sharing in any part of my journey. I welcome your comments and suggestions you might have to help me out.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the blog world! looking forward to reading more :)

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