Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly Biggest Loser Couch Potato Workout

It is Tuesday which mean Biggest Loser and my couch potato workout. I figure there are eight commercial segments, maybe more there are a lot of commercials, so I designed eight mini workout with an strength, cardio and core component. This one uses weights, but most of them can be done w/ just your body weight.

  1. Push-ups (15 reps), Jumping Jacks (50), plank (45 secs)
  2. Lunges w/ bicep curl (10 reps on each leg), High knees (30 secs), bicycle crunches (30 reps)
  3. Tricep dips (15 reps), Sqauts (50 do quickly), Basic crunch
  4. Plie Squats w/ military presses (15 reps), Jump rope (1 minute, you don't need a rope just pretend) , Pike crunch (15 reps, start on your back with your hands above your head and your feet out about 2 inches from the floor, bring up your hand and feet together.)
  5. Pendulum lunges (10 reps each side, start on right forward lunge forward, then come back to center, pause and then lunge backward), Hamstring kicks (1 minute, run in place but bring your heels back to your bum), Plank rotation (20 reps, start in plank position, bring right knee towards armpit twisting hips, then back to plank, then bring left knee toward armpit).
  6. Squat with a row (20 reps), Jumping Jacks (50), Squirms (20 reps, lay on back with knee bent and feet flat on the floor arms by your sides with your palms out, squirm towards the right bringing the palm of the right arm to the inside of your ankle, repeat on left side).
  7. Tricep push-ups (10 reps, when you go down keep elbows close to the ribs), High knees (30 secs), bicycle crunches (30 reps).
  8. Hamstring dead lift (20 reps), Jump rope (1 minute), Reverse crunch (15 reps, start in basic crunch position with your feet off the floor, instead of bringing your head foward bring your knees back lifting your bum a few inches off the floor).
So hopefully that is a good commercial workout for you and not too hard to follow. I would love some suggestions on what I can put in the next Couch Potato Workout.


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